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Pressure Washing

We have a number of pressure washing services we can provide whether your requirements are for domestic or commercial purposes.
Our pressure washer runs water pressure up to 4800psi that will be sure to rejuvenate your paving, walls or roof. When pressure washing a home or building, our staff ensure that all windows and doors are closed and any spots that leak are blocked or avoided. We train our staff to understand different materials of pavement or walls such as sandstone, render or concrete and apply the necessary pressure that will clean, but not damage your property. 

We also utilise a demineralised water system that in some cases work in conjunction with our pressure washer. If you have double-hung windows with security frames it can be very difficult to successfully clean them on the outside. By first pressure washing the window we are able to dislodge the dirt and scum from the screen and glass, then rinsing with demineralised water we can avoid leaving dirty water marks on the window itself providing the best possible clean for those difficult windows. 

Our Pressure Washing Services Include:
• Pavement/driveway cleaning
• Gutter cleaning – firstly removing built up blockages then pressure washing the gutters with our specialised gutter cleaning attachment to push of leftover grime and gunk. (Before and after photos supplied)
• Roof cleaning/removal of lichen and moss
• Oil and Grease removal
• House cleaning wash downs
• Demineralised pure water cleaning system
• Car park cleaning
• Exposed aggregate cleaning

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